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this is dedicated for makorra fanfictions because i'm obsessed with them. 4.5.2012

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Makorra FTW <3
ratings : K-M. so if you're 12, get out of here. seriously.

NOTE: i did not write 99% of these fanfics. I give credit to the wonderful LOK writers, enjoy :D

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Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Thank you to all the people that work for this beautiful series! Keep up the good work!

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The Fire Day Festival poster I made, with calligraphy by S.L. Lee, PhD, for the ATLA Book 1 episode, “The Deserter,” way back in August of 2005.


While I’m at it, here is the “Have You Seen My flying Bison?” poster I made for the ATLA Book 2 episode, “Lake Laogai,” with calligraphy by S.L. Lee, PhD, slightly-less way back in May of 2006. Aang looks like an egg with Aang’s face drawn on it.


One last trip down memory lane for tonight (can you tell I am digging through old files?), this time from January of 2007. This is a personal favorite and it came about in a funny way. They told us we could make some “creator t-shirts” with whatever art we wanted on them and they would sell a limited run on the network website. So I made this. And they said, “Yeah, not that one.” The calligraphy, by S.L. Lee, PhD., is from the Blue Spirit’s wanted poster.


The First by Quirkilicious

Alrighty, back to artbooking!

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Yes, yes I do ;~;

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I forgot the Book 2 DVD/Blu-ray art had been released, which was announced over at IGN on Monday. Here it is without the packaging and graphic overlays. It was a fun collaboration between Joaquim Dos Santos and myself.


its happening…


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